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Press Meet on NTR Arogya Sri


The recent decision of the Andhra Pradesh Government to bar NTR Arogya Sri Patients from seeking cardiac care at Hyderabad hospitals, has put patients with heart ailments from Andhra Pradesh to immense trauma and discomfort. Therefore on behalf of these patients, the Cardiologists of Hyderabad would like to bring the issueto the notice of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and request it to repeal thedecision immediately.

The victims of this harsh and arbitrary decision are individuals who hail from economically and socially backward sections of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The rich and those who can afford from the state continue to exercise their choice by opting for the best medical centers in Hyderabad or elsewhere outside Andhra Pradesh. Also the patients, especially those who have to continue their treatment course are compelled to change their doctor midstream, due to this abrupt decision.

Any patient in distress looks for a doctor and the hospital in which he has absolute confidence or trust of obtaining the best possible care. Depriving this choice severely restricts their right to seek what could be best possible care.

The flourishing Medical Tourism with foreign patients coming to Hyderabad from all over Africa, Asia Pacific, is a testimony to the standing of Hyderabad in Medical care. The city has world class medical infrastructure and the most experienced specialist doctors. Even Karnataka Government recognises this fact and refers its poor patients under 'Vajapeyi Arogyasri' to Hyderabad. Under such circumstances our Andhra patients being denied of this care is highly reprehensible.

Therefore thepatient community feels that the priority of the Government should be to facilitateand ensure the best possible care to the patientsfor the money it is spending, rather thanrestrictingreferral to hospitals located in the state.

It is also perplexing as to why this decision has been applied to cardiology alone, while patients of other specialties continue to avail the best care available at Hyderabad.

Another interesting aspect here is that the Health Department of Andhra Pradesh is actively encouraging the hospitals located in AP to aggressively cater to Telangana Arogyasri patients, especially the ones from neighbouring districts of Khammam, Nalagonda etc. This reflects a dichotomy in the whole thing.

We appeal to the Government of Andhra Pradesh to reconsider this decision in the best interest of the patients and bring about a status quo.

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NTR Arogya Sri