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Rajini's Kathanayakudu

August 1, 2008
Vijayanthi Movies
Rajanikanth, Jagapathi Babu, Tabu, Trisha.

C. Aswini Dutt
P. Vasu

The Rajini Fever in South India is yet to die. The hype gets multi-dimensional when the story has already tasted success and the movie has a few more success clippings taken from “Dasavatharam” and “Om Shanthi Om”. This apart, a message about 75 years of Tamil cinema is shown in a song.

The Superstar never works with a mediocre cuff team. So the heroines, director, singers, producer and the music director all are also from star status. What else? The sale price also reaches star status.

So, to go to basics, the success of Chandramukhi, apparently has led to another attempt here where the Malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol after having achieved the box office hit now takes shape under the auspices of a star studded combination. So, the much said Hype of Super Star has to play a minimum role as the story is already a hit.

Rajni plays the roles of this sort better than anyone. His act further gets simplifies as he needs to play an actor which he is so in real life. He further has had many friends in his real life like the one in this movie “The Barber”, a poor man. So as the story goes, the barber, played by Pasupathi in Tamil and Jagapathi Babu in Telugu, lives in sheer poverty. The wife of Barber, Meena, keeps nagging him for his sharp tongue which brings problems from the money lender and the school principal. The whole of the village did not have any soft corner for this family. Well! We need a fairy tale. So comes the hero, played by our Super Star “Rajnikanth”. Rajni comes to the village for a shooting and somehow the village comes to know of the link between the poor barber and the super hero who were school mates in childhood. Naturally, the villagers turn turtle and now the poor barber is a much wanted man. Can these good wishes fetch him Food? … Rest is the story.

This movie also has handwork of an aspiring talent from the Superstar family. It’s none other than his daughter herself. Soundarya, the second daughter of Rajni, has shown her expertise in graphics adding colour to the already much hyped movie. Not satisfied with this, she also appears for a few seconds on the silver screen.

Super star means all in a queue. Thus, the five songs are sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra, Shreya Ghosal, Sujata, Khailash Kher and V.V.Prasanna. Not satisfied with this, Punjabi Pop superstar, Dhaler Mehandi also has tried his hands (voice). It’s needless to say that the audio is already a hit. Thanks to GV Prakash, the young music director from the stable of AR Rehman.

Yet another high light is Rajni’s portraying twenty different characters in one song. Is it anyway an answer to Dasavatharam?

When it comes to songs, one must not neglect the special one in celebration of 75 years of Tamil Cinema. Taking cue from Om Shanthi Om, this song too displays many leading stars of the industry with special respects to the legends like NTR, MGR and Rajkumar. Vali must be proud to have penned this song.

In general people say that the shootings involving superstar are very enjoyable. Here too, Aravindh Krishna concentrated on cinematography without worrying on the re-takes. Thus this perfect movie got completed within 80 days.

To talk about cast, apart from Rajnikanth, Nayantara as Rajni’s pair, Meena pairing Jagapathi Babu in Telugu and Pasupathi in Tamil, Vadivelu, Prabhu, Vijayakumar, Sneha are prominent.

One of the senior most producers in Telugu film industry, C Aswini Dutt, proudly presents ‘Kathanayakudu’ on his prestigious banner Vyjayanthi Movies who produced umpteen number of block-busters with almost all the big stars in the industry.

To conclude, the public knows Superstar only for his hits. If a successful director like P Vasu too joins the hands, the results are clear on the wall. So, we can expect a successful entertainment like Chandramukhi.