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Adhurs - Power of NTR

January 12, 2010
Vaishnavi Arts
NTR, Nayantara, Sheela
Kodali Nani
Chota K. Naidu
Anand Sai
Gautam Raju
Pullarao Koppineedi
Thota Ramakrishna
VV Vinayak.
Devisri Prasad
Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan
V.V. Vinayak

After experimenting with NTR in ‘Aadi’ and ‘Samba’, VV Vinayak has put in all his abilities to churn the best out of NTR.  With both the earlier movies already been successful ones, there is heavy expectation from VV Vinayak.  So VV Vinayak has gone one step ahead and created two different personalities for NTR.
Now in ‘Adhurs’ NTR will be seen in two contrasting characters, one as Don and the other as a humble Brahmin boy.  What these two characters will do is being kept under tight secret.  NTR appears to have taken deep interest in this film as we hear from sources that he had gone extra mile in all dance sequences and even contributed his voice for a song.  In director’s words, “NTR will reach the pinnacle of his acting through his performance in ‘Adhurs’.  Even when one sees his dances, nobody will believe these dances are performed by a person who met with an accident.  Such was his powerful performance that he is said to have over-shadowed everybody in this movie.  Infact, he has shown all his colors in this film”.

While one NTR takes care of the serious part there is another who joins hands with comedy king Brahmanandam to tickle the humor glands of all the audiences.  It is expected that the first part of the movie will be a complete entertainer.

When it comes to heroines there can’t be two minds in appreciating the beauty of Nayantara as well as Sheela.   Nayantara is just fresh from a Don based Tamil film ‘Billa’ and she is sure not to disappoint the the Telugu audience also.  As far as Sheela is concerned we still remember her role in ‘Parugu’ and this movie will portray her in a much glamorous manner.

Yet another star name in the profile is the promising music director Devisri Prasad.  The music albums which are already on the stands have proved his worth who has worked over time to match NTR’s and VV Vinayak’s dreams.  Chota K Naidu’s camera is yet another attraction in the movie after participating in numerous hits till date.  In ‘Adhurs’, there is a claim that he has attempted the latest technology in line with present trends.

This movie has already made a big hole in producer’s pocket to a tune of Rs 38 crores. With an intention to collect every pie spent, this movie would hit over 1000 screens all over the world on January 14th.  18 months of absence of NTR is a pretty long period for his fans, who are eagerly waiting for this film to hit theaters.