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Mangala – Hsssssshh! It’s Charmi again!

March 2, 2011
CNR Creations & Mantra Entertainments
Charmi, Pradeep Rawath, Chitram Sreenu, Vijay Sai, Uttej, Pavala Shyamala and Subhash.
Jandhyam Venkatesh
Osho Tulasiram
Gangapatnam Sridhar
Nageshwar Reddy

Osho Tulasiram & Chandan Ramesh
Osho Tulasiram

The success of ‘Mantra’ appears to have given the confidence to Osho Tulasiram to venture into yet another project of same genre.  He retained cinematographer Surendra for obvious reasons and the lucky mascot Charmi in the lead role.  Mostly filmed in a farm house in Hyderabad, this movie focuses totally on horror and suspense, thus giving a thrilling feeling to the audience without any blood.  Even the ghosts are not present but as sources say the sound that mattered the most in giving a horrifying experience to the viewers.  Osho also is said to have given some devotional touch in the film and has aptly selected the auspicious day of Shiva Ratri, the March 2nd for releasing the film.  

Osho has named his Production House after his previous film ‘Mantra’ as a tribute to its success.  So it’s the combination of Mantra Entertainments and CNR Creations that is jointly producing the film which will be presented by Gangapatnam Sridhar.  Screenplay also is Osho’s department.  

While the lyrics are by Late Veturi Sundaramamurthy, the music by Vishwas fondly presents the words to the audience.  The result of their work is already seen in the form of ‘Ice Ice’ song which is a run away success.  Osho claims this song to be something similar to ‘Maha Maha’ song in ‘Mantra’ which is still in the lips of the young audience.  The dance shows do not fail to pick this song for its unique style of presentation and catchy lyrics.  

Coming to Charmi, the female lead, she needs no introduction who does such movies with at great ease, particularly this movie will be a child’s play for her going by the experience she gained through the thriller ‘Mantra’ under the same director.  But at the same time her responsibility increased as the expectations from the audience will no doubt be a bit more than what they enjoyed in ‘Mantra’. However many must have already get convinced of her commitment when they came across the news that she injured her leg while shooting for the climax scenes in Vikarabad forests.  

In a recent press meet she was found expressing overwhelmely about the experience she had while shooting the film.  Chitram Sreenu is yet another repetition from ‘Mantra’ team while other casts are Pradeep Rawath, Vijay Sai, Uttej, Subhash and Pavala Shyamala.

For movies of this genre the cinematography plays a very vital role and Osho ensured that it is Sivendra whose lens also reasons for success in ‘Mantra’.  While the highlight of the film is nothing but the thrill given by groans that is expected to be further enhanced by the nail biting climax.  

It’s very important to say here that Charmi has of late carved a permanent place for female centric movies, a good sign indeed! So with the success having been tasted in the first attempt, Osho has modified the theme and approached the terror keeping the same female lead.  His 200 prints hitting the theaters on this Shiva Ratri can well make the night a long one.  It’s all about experience and the expectations.