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George Reddy Telugu Movie Review

November 22, 2019
Mic Movies, Sillymonks Studios & Three Lines Cinemas
Satya Dev, Sandeep Madhav, Pawan Ramesh, Devaki Aacharya, Aaron, Abhinav, Bunny Abiran, Sonia Akula, Alan, Alex, M Arjun, Ashwandh, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Abhay Bethiganti, Sai Chand, Devaki Daftardar, Shrinivas Pokale, Nagendra Gandikota, Girish, S Kumar, Muskan, Manoj Nandam, Chaitanya Krishna, Shatru, Vinay Varma, Thiruvir, Mahathi
Sudhakar Yakkanti
J Prathap Kumar
Gandhi Nadikudikar
Harshavardhan Rameshwar
K Ganesh & Ramakrishna
Shaikh Kalisha & Rahul Prabhakaran
Rajakrishnan M R
Sanjana Srinivas
G Narasimha Rao
Vikas Seegu
Venkateswara Allagadda
Kirankumar Kota
Prasad Labs ( Mumbai)
Shaikh Kalisha & Rahul Prabhakaran
Gaddam Shiva
Yeshwanth & Sridhan
Mittapally Surendar, Charan Arjun, Megh-Uh-watt & Chaitanya Prasad
Indravathi, Anurag Kulkarni, Revanth & Mangli Satyavathi
GSK Media
Anil & Bhanu
K Srinivas Raju
Damu Reddy & Sudhakar Yakkanti
Raja Reddy & Shekar R Perram
Sanjay Reddy
Rohith KP, P Manoju Reddy, Jagadeeshwara Rao Anguru, Shivakrishnam Raju, Rajrajan, Samba Shiva Reddy Kanala, Srinath ReddyKanuma, Y Viajay Aryan & Akshara Kumar
Ponnam Ramesh, Rama Naresh Nunna & Rajendra Pinnamaraju
M Narasimha Rao
Suresh Bobbili
Appi Reddy
Jeevan Reddy

'George Reddy', one of the most awaited films of this year, has finally hit the screens. Sandeep Madhav aka Sandy of 'Vangaveeti' fame played the lead in this movie, directed by Jeevan Reddy of 'Dalam' fame. Is the movie worth the wait? Read on..


George Reddy (Sandeep Madhav), a brilliant student and a trained boxer, joins Osmania University to pursue post graduation. He can't tolerate the injustice meted out to poor students in the name of caste and revolts. A fan of Che Guevara and Bhagat Singh, he slowly becomes a hero for all the oppressed and women, who are ill treated. He gets into student politics and instills confidence among disdained students and fear among his rivals. His slogan "Jeena Hai tho Marna Seekho, Kadam Kadam Par Ladna Seekho" becomes a hit with the students. His growing clout and power becomes a problem to many. Who conspires to kill such a powerful student leader and how is the murder executed?


After 'Vangaveeti', Sandy once again gets to play an intense role and he fits the bill. His performance coupled with the intense background score makes an impact. Abhay Bethiganti of 'Pellichoopulu' fame is excellent in a serious role. Manoj Nandam and Chaitanya Krishna are very good as student leaders. Satya Dev does a fine job, though he gets a limited screen time. Heroine Muskaan gets a decent role and she is good.

Technical aspects

The background score is a big asset for the movie and elevates many scenes. The artwork is superb and Osmania University in 70s has been recreated well. The cinematographer also does a superb job.

Plus Points

Intense moments
Action sequences
Artwork & BGM

Minus Points

Emotional connect missing in some scenes
Second half


As said by the makers, not all the scenes in 'George Reddy' are true to life. Some commercial elements were added and the director has tried to play safe by not discussing some important incidents in George Reddy's life in detail as it would mean that some groups will be agitated. Though the film starts off well on an interesting note, as it progresses, audiences may feel that the emotional connect is missing. The background score is superb. So are the art work and cinematography. The action sequences are well-choreographed. Lead actor Sandeep Madhav does well in an intense role. He resembles George Reddy a lot in few sequences. He is good in action sequences. As many films were inspired by George Reddy's life and dealt with student politics earlier ('Shiva', 'Yuva' etc), it becomes predictable after some time. The film has a very emotional ending. It is a very good attempt to showcase how George Reddy, a genius, a gold medalist, a boxer has put his career and life at stake to fight against injustice and even lost his life in the process. But what's the truth and who were really behind George Reddy's murder has not been discussed well as the director tried to make sure that the film doesn't create any controversies.

A proper insight into the life of George Reddy, his thought process and his ideals would have made this film much better.

On the whole, 'George Reddy' is a decent biopic. Director plays a safe game.