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Market Mahalakshmi Movie Review: A low-effort, superficial love story

April 19, 2024
Parvateesam, Praneekaanvikaa, Harsha Vardhan,Mahaboob Basha,Mukku Avinash,Kedar Shankar, Meesam Suresh,Pooja Vishweswar, Jaya Naidu, Padma Nimmanagoti
Surendra Chilumula
RM Vishwanadh Kuchanapally
VS Mukkhesh, Joe Emnav
Srujan Shashanka
Sanjana Kanchala
Sunil Kumar, Manoj Kumar
Priyanka Panda
Suguna Benny
K.A.N Chiranjeevi (Deccan Dreams)
G. Purushotham Raju
Vamsipriya Rasineni
Tirumalasetty Venkatesh
Rainbow Media
Joe Emnav
Akhilesh Kalaru
VS Mukkhesh

'Market Mahalakshmi' is the latest box-office release in the town. In this section, we are going to analyze the film.


Paraveetsam is a software engineer who has been pinned down by his father right from a young age. Vexed with women who have no ethics, he falls in love with a beautiful vegetable seller named Mahalakshmi. Since his father has always dreamt of marrying him off in exchange for a plum dowry package, this love affair is not to his (father's) liking. Since Mahalakshmi is self-made and self-styled, she promptly rejects him. Will Parvateesam be able to impress her and cajole his father at the same time?


Actor Parvateesam shot to fame many years ago with 'Kerintha'. He went on to do insignificant and occasionally weird subjects (read 'Savitri S/o Satyamurthy' in which he played a young husband to an old woman), only to see zilch success. 'Market Mahalakshmi' is his maiden serious effort at shedding his comedian image and that's where the biggest demerit of the movie lies. It becomes tiresome to watch him try hard to pull off emotions he is not cut out for. So, when he beseeches Mahalakshmi to give him a chance, we hope that she doesn't.

Director VS Mukkhesh chooses the backdrop of a low-end market (complete with a lecherous baddie and a horny woman) for the love story. Parvateesam relocates his workplace to the market where our Mahalakshmi has a shop. Despite her being combative and belligerent 24/7, she somehow doesn't even think of rallying the rest of the vendors in the market to shoo him away. No police intervention is sought. It becomes evident that she will eventually give in.

While the titular character is projected as pugnacious and even macho, she has a totally different standard for her troublesome brother (Mehabooba Basha, who is supposedly a comedian who can supposedly emote) whose presence should ideally scare female customers wary of harassment.

Most of the story takes place in the space of 30 minutes. A few sermons, one or two lines to brainwash the reluctant and closed-minded Mahalakshmi, and boom! Actress Praneeka Anvikaa is seen in the titular role. Harshavardhan, who portrays the role of an author, has a fairly meaningful part.

Closing Remarks:

'Market Mahalakshmi' is a nutty film with no depth. Weak performances and plain writing drag it down.

Critic's Rating