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Dilraju has launched the “Hit” movie trailer.

 Vishwak Sen is a hero who has earned a reputation as a hero with a successful movie like 'Falaknuma das' on the wall poster movie banner at the presence of Natural Star Nani. `The First Case` is the Tagline. The film is being directed by Shailesh Kolanu with the producer Prasanthi Tripirneni. Rouhani Sharma plays as the heroine. Vishwak Sen is reported to be playing an IPS officer named Vikram Rudraraju in the film. The trailer of the movie was released in Hyderabad on Wednesday by Dilraju. Dilraju said, first, “I have to tell you about Nani. While he was busy as a hero, he made his first film, "Aa!" as a producer. Now he is giving the audience a movie like "Hit." Congratulations on his guts. I wish him to produce like these Experiment films.

Hero Vishwaksen said, "If a movie is a hit, then will have tension about the next film. While Shailesh told the story, I said okay without a second thought. While he was narrating the story, I enjoyed it a lot. For every other movie, I felt some sort of tension because, along with acting, I have done a few other works for the film. But, coming to this “Hit” movie, I have just done with my acting.
Shailesh stated, I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the “Hit” movie trailer, which is a thriller. After watching this film, you will feel more enjoyable than watching the trailer. He said, thanks to the producers Nani and Prasanthi for giving this great chance and also thanks to Dilraju sir for coming and blessed us.

Producer Prashanthi Tripirineni said: “I very much liked the script when I heard. We worked on this script for almost two years. We are very confident on cinema. Most importantly, there is a belief that the content is connected to all. ”
Editor Gary said - “In this movie you will see a new Viswak. Everyone loves it.
Cinematographer Manikandan said: “Cinema has been come up as perfect. You feel a new experience. Every scene was come up as excellent. The most enjoyable Edge of Seat Movie to all.
Heroine Ruhani sharma said: “Thanks to Dilraju sir for coming to support us. There is even more thrill in the movie than what you saw in the trailer. Happy to work with Vishwak. It was a delight to work with Nani and the Prasanthi.