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“Kashmiri Wazwan Nights” at The Square, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre



Hyderabad 24th November 2012: Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre is organizing the Kashmiri Food Festival at The Square from 23rd November- 2nd December 2012.  The 10 day long festival is a treat of the glorious flavours of Kashmir with an extensive range of traditional mouth watering dishes from the vibrant North Indian state which is known for its amazing   aromatic & delicious food. NHCC will bring Kashmir alive with a colorful ambience, soothing Kashmiri music and the royal spread of delectable food for the customers.
Wazwan is a multi course Royal Kashmiri Cuisine which is an integral part of Kashmiri culture. The uniqueness of the cuisine lies in its detailed preparation and traditional presentation of sumptuous meals comprising of 36 courses of amazing dishes which is prepared for marriages & special functions in modern day Kashmir. The intelligent use of flavours, lavish nuts & spices makes the food a heavenly treat.
The menu at the food festival will consist of   both vegetarian and non-vegetarian including the signature dishes like Gushtaba, Marcha Wangan, Korma Ristae, Nadeir Palak, Dum Oluv and much more.  The Vegetarian Cuisine includes Ladyar Tsaman, Veth, Dum Oluv, Nadeir Yakhean, Nadeir Palak, Hak, Tsoek Vangan, Razma etc. The food will be served with flavored rice accompanied by seekh kababs,   Meth Maaz Tabak Maaz, barbecued ribs, Safed Kokur,  zafrani Kokur along with other dishes to choose from . The spread will also have fine yogurt garnished with Kashmiri saffron, salads, Kashmiri pickles and dips.
Speaking on this occasion Mr. Shyam Sunder, F&B Manager at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre said “With the Wazwan food festival we are planning to offers an infinite and extravagant variety of both vegetarian and non vegetarian Kashmiri preparations to our customers. We are confident that the festival will attract our guests and will enhance interest of local residents towards one of the most famous cuisines worldwide which is known for its taste & delicacy. We have invited special chefs from Kahsimir to restore & provide original taste and touch.   We are confident that we will bring out the best of this cuisine during the festival to give Hyderabad the real taste of Kashmir. ”
The food festival promises to delight the customers with its variety and uniqueness that they will enjoy and carry back the sweet memories. So come & unwind with family & friends amidst the lush landscapes, entertainment with the beautiful aroma, taste and texture of these authentic Kashmiri dishes.


Updated on November 24, 2012