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Y.V.S. Chowdary
Added on July 18, 2005
Successful persons don't do anything exceptional than the rest of others. But they do the same work as others in a remarkable way! An objective and aspiration, burning desire and dedication, power and perseverance to face the hindrance and a little bit of innovation places success in any field at your feet. An innovative thinking leads you to work in the remarkable way than others. Think different to others and you will succeed. "Okka sari preminchi chudandi", a caption that's different! "Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri Lo." an innovative thought uncommon in the current set of movies. He faced hindrances, obstructions. Yet he didn't compromise. He completed the picture to be a hit. Y.V.S. Chowdary doesn't have origins in cine industry. He never had any kind of support. His success attributes to the dedication and the aspiration he put all his life for his objectives. Lets share the moments Y.V.S. spent with Ragalahari!

"I was born in Gudivada in Krishna District. I was never rich as a part of the typical Indian middle class family with a mom, dad, brother, and sister. My mother was a housewife and dad a lorry driver. There was some resolution that movies spoil children, though. As a child, I watched the films occasionally for 3 or 8 months in my families company. My brother took me to films some times, and that particularly to N.T.R. movies for he patronized N.T.R. As a kid I imbibed and enjoyed every action of N.T.R. Slowly, I began to favor and honor N.T.R. But I didn't have money to see his films every time. I had a friend A.V. Rao, an only son and his parent's darling. He had lots of money and we used to take pleasure in the movies together. I still remember me running home in the interval for water just to give my presence to my family and expecting they would punish me for going to movies if they come to know. I became crazy for movies, so much that the craze to see his movies extended to seeing first day first show.

I always topped my class and my parents wished me to be an Engineer. As my brother neglected his studies, my parent's intensions were strong. Though I was interested in studies, I was crazy for movies. I organized a N.T.R. fans association and was the president for the same. At the time I was doing Intermediate in A.N.R. College. We had meetings every month or bimonthly in a local park to discuss interesting things about the movies together. People appreciated me with my views and suggestions for movies. One day a person in the crowd mentioned an observed remark. That was about me becoming a director. Somehow it got fixed in my mind. But I joined in an Engineering college in Madras for my parent's interests. As film associates and offices surrounded my room in Madras, I was able to make few contacts in them. Half the day I spent in college and the rest half in shootings."

If you have a deep interest and desire to achieve something, you sure ought to win. Your thoughts and interests sail you away towards your success from the failures and disappointments. Shall we see how Y.V.S. thoughts helped him too?

"Engineering was secure job. Yet I preferred direction. Since I can't spend my time for both, I have discontinued my studies to take up a part time job. Editing gives me a control on direction, so I joined as an editing assistant. I could gain some contact with Mr. Narasimha Rao. Giridhar has given me an opportunity as an editor for "Aggipidugu" and "Top Takkar". I really had to struggle. I said not to send me any money from home and though past three months, my salary didn't increase. I had to walk for five miles to get meals for Rs.2.50 rather for Rs.3.0. 50 Paise was very precious to me. I used to stay back eat my dinner and come back once. I might be hungry if I walk too much! I thought to get up late in the mornings to skip my tiffin. Those days were horrible."

Our heart can be filled with confidence. A person with self-confidence can live, and can go through life. As a human you should live a meaningful life. We have to look at Y.V.S. confidence. Estimate how strong it is.

"Mr. Raghavendra Rao is my much loved director. I always wished to work with him. One day I happened to meet him and told about me, where I worked and what I aspire. I said I was interested to work with him. And pleaded him. But he said me to meet him after one year. I was very dejected and disappointed. Then I decided not to give up hopes. Daily I stood at his house from morning 6oclock to evening. For seven days, he saw me from his car as he passed by. At last one fine day, he sent his worker 'Bhapayya', to check my signature. It was customary for assistant director to have a good signature in those days. I got an opportunity to work with him in "Pattabhishekem". Hero was Bala Krishna. I was happy to get an opportunity to move closely to their family. I happened to meet "Hari Krishna" that way. He was the person who thought me etiquettes of star hotels. I never know how to use forks. I never know even most of the varieties served there. I have learnt most of the things from Hari Krishna. He always took me out with him.

I worked as an assistant director for "Kaliyuga Pandavulu", "Agni Puthrudu", "Sahasa Samraat", Donga Ramudu", "Jaanaki Ramudu". I was able to save rupees 50,000. I got news that my sister's marriage had been settled. My family needed money for her marriage. That way the money I saved came for purpose. I had to say to my family that I am working for movies. And they too didn't say anything as that money saved us all. After that I worked for "Rudranetha", "Jagadhekaveerudu Athilokasundhari" as the assistant director. Here I came in contact with Veturi. I had taken personal interest in the movie and made recorded the songs under my supervision. Seeing my promptness and excitement, Veturi has recommended me to Mr. Aswnini Dutt. And Aswnini Dutt has promised me to give a big break. To be innovative, I wrote and kept aside a beautiful script too. Then I have co-directed for "Ashwamedham" with Aswnini Dutt. But unfortunately the movie flopped. Even I too flopped as a co-director. After a bit gap, I again worked as co-director with Ramgopal Verma for "Govinda Govinda". This film too flopped. I asked Dutt garu that I will work elsewhere, but he joined me near Mahesh Bhatt.

A failure is the stepping stone to success. I have accepted my obstacles. I wanted to face them with confidence. I wanted to achieve success. I have co-directed Mahesh Bhatt's "Criminal". Krishna Vamsi asked me to co-direct "Gulabi". Both were hit. After that I worked for Dutt's "Bhulokaveerudu" with Chiranjeevi. But the film had to stop in 2nd schedule. After that I approached to many heroes with my stories. But no one appreciated them. Of course! They had there own interests.. I always went to a wrong person with wrong type of story.

After that I worked with Krishna Vamsi for "Ninne Pelladatha" as a co-director. The movie was a hit as I predicted. Nagarjuna has offered me director offer in his banner as he promised to give me if the film happens to be a hit. Even Dutt is convinced by my judgments. I told him before only that "Ashwamedham" and "Govinda Govinda" are going to be flops.

Ninne Pelladatha has given me a big break professionally as well as personally. Personally. Yes! In "Ninne Pelladatha" Geetha acted as Nagarjuna's sister. She was even a second heroine in "Sinduram". I happened to fall in love with her."

Love Marriage.and that too intercaste. Wasn't there any problem at home? Let's see what Y.V.S. says.

"Yes Exactly! Everybody suggested me not to marry, as I didn't get settled even as a director still. My family was scared about my decision. But our marriage happened. After that trusting love, I directed "Sri Sita Ramula Kalyanam Chuthamuraarandi" in Nagarjuna's banner. I chose all new faces for the picture. When directing the picture with Akkineni Nageswara Rao.I felt I am still not big enough to direct with such great personality. But A.N.R. co-operated with me very well. Everybody predicted that would be a flop. But the film clicked and it was a trendsetter. I felt proud of myself. The movie gives a good note that if you believe in love, it supports for your marriage like Adhi Shakthi. Audience received this very well.

After that I have directed "Sita Rama Raju" with Great India Enterprises and Kamakshi movies. That had star appearance. Working in a guest role for "Sri Ramulayya", Hari Krishna accepted to act for the film. I made the film with "Don't Enter in Violence" caption. I received lots of offers like this. After "Sita Ramaraju" I did "Yuva Raju". This made me close to Mahesh. He didn't think about my background. He listened to my story for half an hour. Till then even "Raja Kumarudu" was not released. He had agreed to act in the film. Though the film did not work out very well, it has given enough to the distributors. There came lots of rumors after this film. People said I charge my producers very much. But "Yuva Raju" didn't work well because it didn't have required advertising. No audience will see the movie without proper advertising. After that I didn't get offers. Though I got, there were lots of conditions in it. Then I realized one thing."

You shouldn't depend on any one. Everybody should plant their own seed. After the seed grows one should water the plant. After the plant grows big, one have to put a cot and sleep under that!

"At this moment no cast has helped me. I believed strongly in myself. I follow three principles. Will power, dedication and hard work. In that moment, Mr. Narayana Murthy was my idol. E. V. V. Satyanarayana also has passed through the same phase. So I assured myself."

Those who can think positively can always see opportunities and in every opportunity they see some problem. You have seen Y.V.S. positive ness.

"I now decided to go on my own way. So I founded "Bommarillu". 'Bomma' in Telugu indicate picture and 'illu', a house. So "Bommarillu" is a house to create movies. If I surrender to negative thoughts once. I will be surrendering in my whole life. So I started taking positive."

"All chance is direction one cannot see" - A famous quote by Alexander Pope. So when a chance rolls up, show your face and avail the opportunity. A chance at times directs you towards success. "I had initial plans among three of us to develop the movie for "Bommarillu" banner. My story goes par with Mr. Hari Krishna. He fits exactly and I could imagine no one else as the character. When approached, he assured me without any hesitation. He never thought about the complexities that may rise in future. He showed his consent to act in my film without any contemplation about me as a director. But due to some discrepancy, my initial two partners jumped out of the movie and I had to take care of everything. I got a timely financial help from my wife's family.

I take care in giving captions to the movie titles. "Yuva Raju" had a banner that said to express your love if you love them. "Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri Lo." carries "Okka saari preminchi chudu" caption. The banner, the movie title, caption indicate the traditional beauty of this movie. If you happen to see "Maya Bazaar". You can catch the glimpse of the similarity in my picture and the Laahiri song in Maya Bazaar. The characters in my picture are identical to the ones in Maya Bazaar. The picture has primarily based on the faction between two families. It also depends on the love. The problems are created through love and also solved through love. This is a story between four couples.

Hari Krishna has a very decent, dignified and daring character. Most of the action, challenge, thrill in the movie revolves around this character. In the same way, the love also revolves around him in a very dignified manner. The movie has valuable credits for music. The great Keervani composes the film music and "Sirivennala Seetharama Shastry" wrote the lyrics. The film has eight greatly composed songs. The audience really liked the way in-lay card projected the details about the song composition.

This is the only film I came across with 16 day re-recording. I have achieved the best in music, acting and story through this film. I have gained lots of confidence through this film. But I had to face a great number of problems during its making. The film has started its schedule on April 9th 2001 and because of upsets, was planned in 12 schedules. It took me 126 days rather than the estimated 90 days to complete the picture with 30% extra budget.

Nothing is given in life on a platter. Every bird has to catch its own worm. Lets see how Y.V.S. has managed to pull through the obstructions.

"I was initially upset with the remarks on the picture from my own unit members. But their stake on my movies success has further enhanced my perseverance. I had very good support from my wife Geeta. She cheered me up all through my dejection.

Most of the industry started speculating worse about the movie. I took this as an oblation and penance. I concentrated much on the end results rather than upsetting myself with the wrong guesses and apprehensions. Later the audio has shown the people about the movie with its uproar. I attribute the movies success to three reasons. Story, Casting and Music.

I had so much adoration and belief in the movie that I decided to produce it myself. It was bothering me initially as a producer. But I took care to dominate only as a director and not as a producer. I have inspired myself as a director. I had to slaughter myself as a producer. I justify the same to all movies, whether produced by others or me."

Objective, Aspiration, Dedication.. are they the ladders of success?

"A success is never easy. You face hurdles all the way. Your ability, patience, dedication are tested. The hindrances may try to ruin your aspirations and objectives. Many people have the burning desire to get their dreams accordingly. But only few have ability to cross barriers and enter into the eternity of success.

This movie has answered most people with its success. We were hoping for the same. It was a 50 day movie in almost 68 centers located. Mr. Hari Krishna was very happy with the sensation."

The directors of my choice.

Raghavendra Rao, Vishwanath, Bapu, Daasari, Ram Gopal Verma.
In Hindi.
Ramesh Sippy, Yash Chopra, Subash Ghai, Suraj Bharjatya.
I don't have exacting importance for any persona. I love to do movies with all star heroes. From early days, I had special interest in N.T.R. and Sri Devi duo. I wished to do a movie with N.T.R., unfortunately which couldn't happen. I equally enjoyed doing movies with N.T.R. family.

My desire and dream.

For the moment, I wish to do a Hindi film that can accumulate 200 crore revenue.

The place I fancy.

New Zealand has no hitches. People are very co-operative and you find no type of dishonesty and cheating there.

My first day on Earth.

23rd May 1965.

Pleasure comes only after dictionary and in life. Isn't it true! .