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What’s going on in Nayantara’s mind?

While on one hand Prabhu Deva is making all efforts to stop Nayantara from acting since they have planned for their marriage shortly, on the other hand, the directors and producers of Tamil film industry are said to be tempting her with interesting offers after she tasted success through the Telugu film ‘Sri Ramarajyam’. According to Chennai sources, directors like Linguswamy, Venkatprabhu and Vijay have approached her with some good performance oriented roles. The sources claim that even though Nayantara decided to stop acting after marriage, chances are that she might change her decision and accept these offers. However, her close associates revealed that even though the directors have met her and narrated the stories, she has not yet taken any decision.

But remember folks another clue is that Dasari Narayana Rao told Nayantara publicly in the 50 days function of ‘Sri Ramarajyam’ that not to consider ‘Sri Ramarajyam’ as her last film and that she can continue acting even after her marriage. So let’s wait and see what’s still going on in Nayantara’s mind.