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Prudhvi Chandra's 'The Awakening'

Prudhvi Chandra's first single, "The AWAKENING", is the new big-name in the Telugu Music Industry! He is being lauded widely for his work as the first of its kind in Telugu music. Prudhvi has composed the song and lent his voice as well. "This song is a proof that Telugu music industry has set to change.." ; " The AWAKENING has nailed it ! It shall be termed as a milestone in the timeline of Telugu music" ; "This indeed is the first single of high standards, excellent composition, vocals and taking of video.." ; "An innovative Telugu punk rock track! ", are a few appraisals by luminaries of the industry and his co-singers. The AWAKENING has been viewed nearly 6000 times on YouTube in 4 days, since its release and this is certainly an accomplishment by the 21 year old. Prudhvi is an emerging playback singer who has worked for many noted composers in the Telugu Film Industry. Lately, he lent his voice for two songs (Life Is A Dream and Wanna Tell You Something) for the film Intinta Annamayya and he penned lyrics for the same as well. Amogha (A fusion album of Carnatic and Western music), Ruler from Dammu, Vetaadu Ventaadu, Rajanna, Oosaravelli, Vedam, Title tracks for Bus Stop and Ee Rojullo and many more in the queue add up to his noteworthy numbers.