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Chiranjeevi introduces Allu Sirish to mega fans


On April 16th, Megastar Chiranjeevi personally introduced his nephew Allu Sirish to mega fans. Addressing the fans he said, “For the past three decades, you have been showering your love and affection on me as an actor and later on every hero from our mega family. I thank you all for your love and affection. I wish you will show the same love for Sirish as well. Whatever the status I’m enjoying today is only due to you. The high-command offered me this status only by seeing your strength behind me. You all are one among our family. Your love and affection only made Pawan Kalyan Power Star, Allu Arjun Stylish Star and Ram Charan Mega Power Star.” Further speaking he added, “Allu Aravind has three sons. While his elder son is in software line, second son Bunny is well known to you. He earned star status with his hardwork. Third son Sirish is a brilliant boy who shares his father’s responsibilities. I thought he would maintain Geeta Arts banner as a producer. But one fine day he declared to me and Charan that he is going to be an actor. First we were shocked to hear that from him and later encouraged him to proceed since acting skills exist in his blood. Trailers of ‘Gouravam’ gave me immense happiness. Unlike other heroes, he is making his debut with a social movie. It’s a rare opportunity for an actor to do a film of this genre. I also felt happy and satisfied when Prakash Raj narrated the story to me. His makes variety conceptual films. I wish Sirish will get good support from mega fans starting with his maiden film ‘Gouravam’.”