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Star Night Program is Super Duper Hit


On a day when the temperature in Southern California was soaring above 100 F the atmosphere inside the Marsee Auditorium was sizzling at the TASC Star Night Program. Streets of Los Angeles are still reverberating with the melodious Telugu songs and vibrant musical performance of Super Singers. TASC Star Night on Saturday 19th September, 2015 in Los Angeles was a super bumper mega hit program.

As always TASC members continue to show their support and loyalty and more than 1900 members turned out to witness one of the fantastic musical performances ever. Program lived up to its hype and the fantastic four singers Sunitha, Karunya, Sumangali and Kalpana captivated the audience with some sensational singing. It was pure music at its best. It was a musical treat which included some old classics, mid 80's, 90's songs along with some of the latest super hit songs. Audiences were blown away by the energetic performance of these singers, especially Karunya who was the real Rockstar of the show. Melody queen spellbound the audiences with her great voice and some delightful songs. Highlight of the show was the awesome classical song by Kalpana, who received standing ovation. Sumangali was simply sensational with most popular songs.

Anchoring by Prabhakar and Sudeepa(Pinky) added extra attraction to the show and also Fantastic dance performance by Socal teenagers . Auditorium was completely packed even at 11.30 PM and audiences were completely immersed in this musical bliss. They were cheering, clapping and dancing along with the singers. They enjoyed every song and every moment of the show.

TASC President Mallik Reddy thanked everyone for coming out in such large numbers to enjoy the event and felt happy as it put TASC into new heights.

TASC Executive Committee consisting President Mallik Reddy Bonthu, Secretary Jaipal Reddy Samula, Treasurer Ram Koditala, President-Elect Bayapa Reddy, Past President Prasad Rani also thanked the Great Grand Sponsor Dr. Prem Reddy Garu , Grand Sponsor Dr. Nakka Srinivas Garu, Gummadi Dharma Reddy Garu, Laxman Koka, Mallik Banda, Dr. Ravi Alapati Garu, Dr. Sharath Kamineni Garu, Chandra Shekhar Reddy Garu, Telugu organizations, NATA, NATS, TDF and others for their strong support and later felicitated them with the volunteers.

TASC EC has specially appreciated the sheer dedication and hard work of the volunteers spanning two months in making the event grand success. TASC Volunteers helped for the event include Buchi Reddy Yalamuri, Rajendra Gujjula, Praveen Alla, Veerababu Ambati, Suvarsha Kamarsu, Shobha Kalvakota, Sita Kowluri, Ratna Bonthu, Praveen Alla, Venu Tamirisa, Koti Kondru, Venkat Kancharlakuntla, Srinivas Sunkara, Venkat Mallidi, Radhakrishna Deevi, Yadunandan Reddy, Ramakrishna Seelam, Sitaram Pamireddy, Naveenkanth Bayi, Arjun Kamarsu, Durga Praveen, Venkat Kothamasu, Guru Konka, Goutami Dwarampudi, Vamsi Garikapati, Praveen Krothapalli, Santosh Kuncham, Shiva Kotha, Sai Repalle, Ramesh, Krishna Vangaveeti, Subba Rao, Venkateshwar Rao and many others.