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Final contestants list of Bigg Boss 2


Nani is hosting the second season of Bigg Boss 2. The introduction episode where he introduced all the participants was shown. Host Nani is doing a good job, but he is unable to match the energy that NTR showcased. In the coming episodes he will have to prove himself.

The list of participants include...

Geeta Madhuri (Singer)
Amit Tiwari (Actor)
Deepthi Nallamothu (TV9 anchor)
Tanish (Actor)
Babu Gogineni (Rationalist)
Bhanu Sri (actor)
Roll Rida (Rap Singer)
Shyamala (Anchor)
Kireeti Damaraju (Actor)
Deepti Sunaiana (Dubmash artiste)
Kaushal (actor)
Tejaswi Madiwada (actor)
Samrat Reddy (actor)
Ganesh (RJ)
Sanjana Anne (model, Vijayawada)
Nutan Naidu (common guy from Vizag)