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My parents, two-year-old daughter have contracted Covid-19: Singer Malavika


 Singer Malavika has confirmed in a Facebook post that she is not the only one in her family to contract the novel coronavirus. Her old-aged parents and her two-year-old baby girl, too, have tested positive. And her father has been hospitalized.

Malavika made the revelation while booting out the rumour that she had attended a music show despite being aware of her status. "SP Balu garu's episode was shot on July 30 with singers like Hemachandra, Karunya, Damini, Satya Yamini and Vasa Pavani. I happened to be one of the four female singers on the second day of its shooting. If I was positive, I would have easily passed it on to the other female singers and the anchor with whom I shared the make-up room," the singer wrote.

She revealed that she went for the test soon after coming to know that SPB had contracted the virus. It was on August 5 and her report came back positive three days later.

A WhatsApp rumour has blamed Malavika as the spreader. She has complained to the Cyber Crime police to take action against the fake news peddlers.