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Hema makes allegations against Senior Naresh


 Hema, who is a well-known comedy actress, today alleged that Senior Naresh's term as the President of the Movie Artists Association has been marred by exorbitant expenses and zero income. Hema, who wants to become the President of the MAA, said that Naresh as the President has evaporated Rs 3 Cr from a pool of Rs 5 Cr on paying for medical insurance and other expenses of MAA's members.

"The practice at MAA used to be different before Naresh garu took over. The Executive Committee and the President used to secure funds from others and take care of the welfare of the MAA's members. After Naresh garu took over, this practice has been stopped. If he remains the President, there will be no funds left with the MAA by 2022," Hema claimed.

Hema hopes that she will receive support from at least 200 members of MAA. "The elections shouldn't be postponed. They have to be held," Hema added.