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Washington Telugu Samithi announces international poetry competition


Washington Telugu Samithi has announced a poetry competition on a grand scale. The theme of the contest is concerned with how the Indian diaspora has assimilated itself with the American culture. Padamati Sandhya Ragam is its title.

"Many Indians, who see India as their motherland, have adopted the US as their fatherland. After migrating to the US, they even become its citizens. They are proud of the two countries and also wish that they both prosper. Our poetry competition tries to bring out what the Indian diaspora thinks about the US and the place of the adopted land in its heart," the organizers said.

The competition is spearheaded by Vakeel Basha, organizer Jayapal Reddy Dodda, Madhu Reddy and Srinivas Abburi.

The address to which entries have to be sent has been mentioned in the Ad.