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'Liger' producer makes first statement on disaster


Charmme Kaur, one of the producers of 'Liger', has opened up on the monstrous failure of the Vijay Deverakonda-starrer. Speaking to a media house, she indicated that the audience's access to entertainment on streaming sites and TV has brought about drastic changes in their preferences.

In an interview, Charmme made a reference to 'Bimbisara', 'Sita Ramam', and 'Karthikeya 2' doing a phenomenal business of Rs 150–170 Cr in August.

She used the words 'scary' and 'depressing' while speaking in general about the extreme box office results. On the one hand, some films are doing exceptionally well, while others are crash-landing.

'Liger', meanwhile, is on its way to being removed from theatres in AP and Telangana. On its Day 5 (Monday) in Telugu, almost all theatres in the Telugu States reportedly ran deficit shows (which means they didn't collect amounts that would cover even rentals).