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'Nathicharami' trailer is a success: Makers


'Nathicharami' is an upcoming thriller directed by former journalist Nagu Gavara. Fronted by Arvind Krishna, Poonam Kaur and Sandesh Buri, the film's trailer was released recently.

In a statement, A Studio 24 Frames' Jai Vaishnavi K has confirmed that the promising film will be released directly on OTT. The makers are also enthused by the hit status of the trailer.

The story of the film has been written on the basis of certain incidents that happened in Hyderabad in the early 2000s. While the incidents are real-life ones, the characters are fictional.

The film touches upon the Y2K crisis (potential computer errors related to the formatting and storage of calendar data for dates in and after the year 2000) in a prominent way. It seems the central characters are urban educated ones and the element of craze for migrating to the US is integral to the story.

Explaining the title, the director said, "The title denotes the vow that the husband takes at the time of the wedding. Will he stand by the vow? That's what the film is about."

Also featuring Kavitha, Madhavi, Jayasri Rachakonda, Krishna, and Sathanna, the film has cinematography by Mahi Sherla.