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'I Am A Celebrity' is doing hulchul on YouTube


'I Am A Celebrity' is the title of a private musical video brought out by senior composer Raghu Kunche. Besides composing the song, he has also penned its lyrics, sung it, acted in it, and edited it. Conceived by Kuche himself, the song is doing well on YouTube.

The song is about the unpredictable nature of celebrity status in modern times. "Don't take yourself too seriously. Nothing is permanent, everything is transient," is the nub of the song.

The fleeting nature of celebrity status in today's Hashtag times where memes can take down anyone is highlighted through fun-filled lyrics. "Netizens are unpredictable. One day they call you a celebrity, another day they write you off. Don't fall for sycophants," is the loose translation of one of the lines from the folksy song.

Shot in foreign locations, the song plays after a disclaimer that it is not intended to hurt anybody. Talking about the song, Kunche said that a lot of people want to become famous. But the celebrity status remains elusive unless you are someone who wins the hearts of the people.