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Nithya Menen's latest movie proves films shouldn't confuse Telugu audience


Nithya Menen and others feature in SonyLiv's latest release, 'Wonder Women'. In a scene in the movie, a middle-aged woman (who is a servant maid) says that Hindi is a national language. Nithya's character and others question the woman, saying that they are South Indians who have nothing to do with Hindi.

The portrayal of the scene is unrealistic, Netizens are saying. They are also alleging that the movie is peddling the political propaganda of parties like the DMK from Tamil Nadu. "Not the way most South Indians behave. Not the way decent people should behave. A silly attempt at stoking cross-regional conflict," wrote Twitter user Akshay Alladi.

Nowadays, Tamil and Malayalam films are needlessly infusing one or another scene where the issue of "Hindi imposition" is criticized. These scenes have been written as part of the anti-BJP campaign by the two film industries.

This is really putting off the Telugu audience, who don't relate to the anti-Hindi sentiment of Tamil politics. If they are dubbing the movie in Telugu, producers must remove such scenes at least in the Telugu version. Those scenes anyways are not integral to the film.