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Revenge-seeking drags actress Chrisann Pereira into a drugs case


Revenge-seeking has taken an outlandish form. A less-known Bollywood starlet has been condemned to live in jail in UAE owing to a neighbour's vengeful behaviour.

The actress in question is Chrisann Pereira. She was arrested on April 1 on the suspicion that she was carrying drugs hidden in a memento. Since then, she has been put up in the Sharjah Central Jail.

Since she travelled from Mumbai, the Mumbai Crime Branch swung into action to investigate. As per national media reports, the poor lady was dragged into a false narcotics scandal because her mother had gotten into a fight over a dog with her neighbour in a Mumbai residential complex.

The truth has put a bakery owner named Anthony Paul and a bank AGM named Rajesh Bobhate in the dock. "Anthony's sister had a fight with the mother of the actress over the dog," reports said.

Anthony conspired with Rajesh and hatched a plot to humiliate the actress. As per a plan, they handed over a trophy to her, who didn't know that ganja and poppy seeds were hidden in it. When she was caught in the Sharjah airport, the actress was shocked.