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Netflix not to stream uncut versions of Indian movies anymore


Netflix has been acquiring Telugu, Tamil and Hindi films left right and centre. In the context of its growing popularity among the middle-class cine-going population, the platform has decided to censor itself. It has decided to stop streaming uncut versions of movies with intimate scenes, gory violence, etc. The CBFC-curated version, played in theatres, will be streamed on Netflix from hereon.

Netizens see this as an attempt by the streaming giant to become conservative in the wake of a growing backlash from a section of the Indian audience. Others say that the likes of Disney Plus Hotstar have long been doing this and that Netflix has only caught up with the sensibilities of a majority of the Indian audience.

Recently, a Washington Post report claimed that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have been pressured into tailoring their content in such a way that their shows don't offend Hindus. "Under pressure from the Hindu right, Netflix and Amazon in India drop projects touching on political, social issues and documentaries. After 'Tandav' (Hindi), Amazon's head went into hiding and surrendered his passport. Netflix executives feared risk of arrest," the report said. The latest decision is another instance of the self-censorship practised by streaming giants.