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Venky's iconic train episode was underestimated by review-writers


Back in 2004, 'Venky' (which was re-released in theatres today) changed the way comedy scenes involving Brahmanandam came to be imagined by writers and filmmakers. It was the most radically different film in the way Brahmi was made part of an elaborate episode. Brahmi was seen insulting the male lead, a mass hero, no less. He showed comical aggression, timidity, nervousness and fright... Several shades of his acting were on display, thanks to Sreenu Vaitla's genius.

Surprisingly, the iconic train episode was not appreciated for what it was by the review writers of the time. Andhra Bhumi's reviews were appreciated in those days. Its review of 'Venky' opined that the train episode was too lengthy. In retrospect, the criticism sounds atrociously wrong. The train episode, as far as today's generation is concerned, is as great as any Jandhyala classic, as worthy as any EVV Satyanarayana comedy piece, and as timeless as any awesome Brahmi comedy episode can practically get.

The most-read web review of that time saw the train episode as a backdrop to the love story between Ravi Teja and Sneha. The truth is, the romantic angle was just an excuse for the director to indulge Brahmi. The writing focused more on what Brahmi spoke, how Ravi Teja reacted and how Brahmi reacted to how Ravi Teja reacted. It was less about Sneha and the love story.

The reviews didn't do justice to the fabulous train episode. It goes to show that review writers, who work in stressful timebound settings, can't be expected to always get things right. Even the 'Adhurs' comedy track involving Brahmi and Jr NTR was seen as just another track by reviewers. Some comedy scenes must be watched twice to know their repeat value. Reviews are written after a one-time watch.