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Gagaan Viharri's family entertainer 'Gaangeaya' launched


'Gaangeaya' is the title of a family entertainer starring Gagaan Viharri in the lead. Newcomer B Raamachandra Srinivasa Kumaar is wielding the megaphone. Producer T Hema Kumar Reddy of Vijaya Gowthamy Art Movies launched the project today.

Starring Avyuktha as the heroine, this one has the film's producer and senior artist Suman as cops. "This is not just a typical family drama but one with commercial elements. Patriotic fervour can be found in the movie," the makers said.

Speaking on the occasion, the film's director suggested that the film will drive home the importance of empathy, love, and compassion in human lives. The film will speak against narrow social divisions.

To be released in five languages, 'Gaangeaya' will boast rich production values, thanks to Rap Rock Shakeel's music, Adusimilli Vijay Kumar's cinematography, and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao's editing.

M Vijaya Sekhar Reddy, Ranadheer, Alok Jain, Heera Madhuri, Jayavani, Johar, Chandra Sekhar, and others are part of the cast.