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'Mangalavaaram' director commits a silly mistake in his speech


Ajay Bhupathi, the director of 'RX 100' fame, today spoke at a presser a day after the release of his thriller 'Mangalavaaram'. Speaking on the occasion, he blasted a film reviewer.

"I had requested film critics to keep their reviews spoiler-free. I am happy that 99% of them didn't reveal the twists in the movie. But one person on YouTube, who calls himself a senior, was stupid enough to reveal all the spoilers. He literally wrote down the plot turns on a piece of paper and read them out, one after another, in his video review. Does he have common sense?" Bhupathi asked.

Does Bhupathi realize how silly he is? With his speech, he has only added fuel to the review he was calling out. Even those who don't know the YouTuber will now check out his review out of curiosity to know the twists. Already, many YouTube channels have competed with each other to share that particular portion of the speech where Bhupathi was venting out his frustration by naming the YouTuber.

We are sympathetic to Bhupathi. No director would be happy if major twists were revealed by reviewers. But, in slamming the idiots among film critics, care should be taken not to afford them free publicity. Bhupathi could have avoided mentioning the reviewer's name.