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'How Is That For A Monday?' trailer out, release date locked


'How Is That For A Monday?' has been described by writer-director Sripal Sama as the first Indian American film dealing with the story of a first-generation immigrant. Its trailer suggests that most of the characters in this foreign-made movie speak in English, while its male lead converses in Telugu.

Starring Kaushik Ghantasala as the male lead, the action comedy also features Keegan Guy, Satya Yamini, Megan Barlow, Elester Latham, and Candido Carter. "Human greed, arrogance, bigotry, inspiration, indifference, stupidity, and memories clash on a crazy Monday, thereby changing the lives of people from different walks of life," producers Sandhya Sama and Radhika Srinivas say, sharing the trailer.

Sripal Sama and Saipraneeth Gouravaraju have written the screenplay. Dawn Vincent (music), Rahul Biruly (cinematographer), and Raghavender Vuppuganti (editor) have worked on the movie.

'How Is That For A Monday?' will head to the theatres on October 13.