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Official Jana Sena handle circulates fake image of bandaged film celebs


The other day, 'Baby' director Sai Rajesh, producers Bunny Vas and SKN, and choreographer Jani Master were in Pithapuram to rally support for Jana Sena Party supremo Pawan Kalyan. On the occasion, they posed together.

On Wednesday, a morphed image of the four movie celebs wearing bandages emerged on social media. It appeared as if they had been injured in melee or something.

Taking to social media, SKN clarified that the image is fake. He urged an official Jana Sena X handle not to amplify the image. The four individuals are safe and were not injured in any way.

Elections are due in Andhra Pradesh on May 13. Pawan is contesting from Pithapuram constituency. On the day he filed his nomination papers, about 50,000 supporters joined him in a rally.