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Netizens say 'Dhamaka' director was indecent towards actress


On Saturday, at a film event in Hyderabad, director Trinadha Rao Nakkina of 'Cinema Choopistha Mava' and 'Dhamaka' fame spoke for 16 minutes about so many things. He dedicated one minute to subject actress Payal Radhakrishna to embarrassment.

The 'Nenu Local' director started normally. "Payal is a Telugu girl. She grew up in Bengaluru." Then he started embarrassing her. "She has given a hug to everyone on set except me. I have always wanted a hug from her. What does she think she is going to lose if she hugs me?" Trinadha Rao said.

"She is not hugging me even though I, the producer of this film, have cleared all her payments with GST," he added, further revealing his mindset in the name of being humorous.

When Payal came close to the director and gave a pat, Trinadha Rao's sense of 'humour' went up a notch higher. "Is this called a hug? Does anybody in the world call this a hug? A hug has to be ultimate," he added.

Netizens are calling out the director-producer for being "creepy". "This is the reason why so many elders discourage their daughters from entering the film industry," a Netizen wrote. Another user commented that heroines are not supposed to please men on sets. "This sort of unhealthy talk in the name of public flirting has been done by even big stars," a Twitter user wrote.