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Allu Arjun is India's 'biggest icon'? Netizens don't think so


Allu Arjun, who is currently participating in the Berlin International Film Festival, has been described as India's biggest icon in a video played at the festival. The video's intention was to build hype for 'Pushpa 2' by talking about the first part, 'Pushpa: The Rise'. "The movie that brought India back to cinemas (in 2021)", says a sentence from the video. "India's most-anticipated movie of 2024", is how 'Pushpa 2' is described.

Many Netizens, most of them who are fans of other heroes, are laughing at the phrase 'Creating India's biggest icon'. Just one hit in Hindi doesn't make Bunny India's biggest icon, a Netizen wrote.

"This sort of hyperbole is what made Prabhas' fans overconfident, only to be disillusioned once reality set in. His 'Radhe Shyam' was a flop in Hindi. And 'Adipurush' underperformed. 'Salaar' was defeated by 'Dunki'. The huge potential of 'Pushpa 2' is yet to become a reality. Allu Arjun must wait for 'Pushpa 2' to mint a big sum in the Hindi belt before allowing himself to be described in pomopus terms," a cinephile wrote.

'Pushpa 2' will hit the cinemas on August 15.