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Karan Johar exposes the PR game prevalent in Bollywood


Karan Johar, one of the most prominent Bollywood producers and filmmakers, has talked about the rampant PR culture in Bollywood. Public Relations is an age-old tactic to promote products/celebs/individuals. Even politicians need PROs. Almost all major film stars have publicists. Even the likes of Superstar Rajinikanth and Megastar Chiranjeevi are not exempt.

However, the truth about the presence of publicists is often not spoken in the open. Karan Johar has done so, for a change, in a roundtable discussion. “Many times we also as PR send our own people to get our films praised. Sometimes, we as filmmakers struggle to make a mark. Obviously, many times you want to put out good videos," Johar began saying.

He then added, "You dig out those critics who have liked the film and make that big poster with five stars, four stars, three stars and two stars. Some of these critics haven’t heard of themselves also. Where we have found those people, we do that also.”