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Megha Akash Interview: "My role in 'Raja Raja Chora' is quite opposite to the real me"


The movie 'Raja Raja Chora' stars young and talented actors Sree Vishnu and Megha Akash in the lead roles. As Raja Raja Chora is all set for its release soon, here is what actress Megha Akash has to share.Check out our exclusive interview with the actress.

Q. How did you grab this chance to act in Raja Raja Chora?
. It was during COVID lockdown that I happened to read the script for the movie. I agreed to do the movie instantly. The reason behind the impromptu decision is, the way every role is designed in Raja Raja Chora. I could see the big picture, reading the script.

Q. Have you become comfortable with the language in Tollywood?
I am learning the language and I can completely understand it. I am trying to improve so that I can communicate at least the basic things in Telugu.

Q. Don't you think you have been taking gaps between the movies?
Yes. I realize there are a few gaps, as I had no proper scripts in my way. I am now growing and learning to concentrate on what I really want to work on, I know how to approach people for that. You would definitely see me act in more movies in the coming days.

Q. How was it working with Sree Vishnu for Raja Raja Chora?
He is such a shy person. I was wondering how I came across this person who is shyer than me. Sree Vishnu and I had not many conversations together. But, as I took the initiative, here we go, with the most fun conversations. Once he opens up, Sree Vishnu is a fun person to work with. His hard work is visible and you will witness it in Raja Raja Chora. He is going to be one of the highlights for Raja Raja Chora.

Q. How come you accepted a project with a debut director?
Hasith was so appealing in the way he narrated the script. I don't consider him as a newcomer because he has so much potential. He has done such an amazing job for Raja Raja Chora.

Q. Tell us something about your role in Raja Raja Chora?
Well, I cannot reveal much prior to the movie release. But, I could say, this role is in total contrast to what I am in my real life.

Q. Why do you think anyone needs to watch Raja Raja Chora, in your opinion?
With the situations out there, we are all into so much pandemic-related stress. As things are getting better, movies like Raja Raja Chora will entertain and bring smiles to the faces of the audience.

Updated on August 13, 2021