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Son Of India points at loopholes in legal system: Director Diamond Ratnababu


'Son Of India' is heading to theatres on February 18. Produced by Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures and 24 Frames Factory, the film is directed by Diamond Ratnababu. In this interview, the filmmaker talks about the movie and what it is all about.

I am waiting for the release date so that I get to tell the world how much I love cinema. Contrary to the trend, 'Son Of India' is not a regular commercial film with four fights and five songs. It's an experimental film.

During the pandemic, everyone has lauded the work done by farmers. If we are alive despite the pandemic, it's only because of their sacrifices. In the same way, we are also indebted to doctors for their yeoman services. In my opinion, filmmakers, actors are also great individuals. People had to be cooped up at home during the lockdown. What kept them entertained and engaged are movies, OTT content and YouTube content.

It was during the lockdown in 2020 that I met with Mohan Babu garu and narrated this experimental storyline. I feel fortunate to have got to work with him despite delivering flops in the past. The initial plan was to make 'Son Of India' for OTT. The run-time was 90 minutes. After theatres were reopened, Mohan Babu garu said that he loves cinemas and therefore, he gave up the idea of doing the movie for OTT.

Dialogues will stand out in the film. That's why this film had to be a theatrical experience. The climax features dialogues that are as powerful as the ones we saw in 'Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdhary'.

It feels great that Chiranjeevi garu has done a voice-over for the movie. And a legend like Maestro Ilaiyaraaja garu has worked on the movie.

Our film is experimental for the reason that, despite being a theatrical release, its run-time is 90 minutes.

If there can be private hospitals and schools, why can't there be private jails? You have seen the trailer, where Mohan Babu garu's character says that a rapist gets encountered if he is a lorry driver or cleaner. But when someone from an influential family rapes a woman, the case is hushed up. I wrote such hard-hitting lines with the full confidence that Mohan Babu garu will handle if there arises any controversy.

I am sure that Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures' stature will go up after this movie. I am waiting for the result like a student who has appeared for an exam.

Virupaksha is the name of the protagonist in the movie. This is not a patriotic movie. It questions the loopholes in the criminal justice system. I urge everyone not to miss the initial portions of the movie.

I have written a crime thriller for Mohan Babu garu and Lakshmi Manchu garu. That's our next project.

Updated on February 16, 2022