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'HIT 2' is a whydunit that is dark yet optimistic: Adivi Sesh


As 'HIT 2' heads to theatres on December 2 (Friday), Adivi Sesh is both nervous and hopeful. He and director Dr. Sailesh Kolanu are convinced that they have made a gripping thriller. In this interview, catch the 'Major' actor talks about the Nani-produced movie. Besides talking about the nature of the crime thriller, he also throws light on the HIT verse.

I am always nervous before the release of every movie of mine. I ask myself whether I have given the best shot. When my film delights the audience, I feel happy.

At first, I was reluctant to become a part of 'HIT 2'. It was supposed to be Vishwak Sen's film. It would look like I was snatching what is his. I was told by the director he was turning the thriller into a franchise, 'HIT verse'. I trusted his vision and became a part of the franchise. (Vishwak Sen will be making a comeback to the franchise in the future). There are going to be seven cases in total in the franchise. And four cops will be part of the entire franchise. The final case will be a giant-sized one of huge proportions.

This is the first time that I have not contributed anything on the writing front. 'HIT 2' is a whydunit and not a whodunit. The 'Why' part creates so much curiosity.

I listen to every script from the audience's perspective. Given that memory is not long-term (chuckles), my perspective gets refreshed every six months.

'HIT 2' went on the floors during the final schedule of 'Major'. Thankfully, I was in a state of perfect physical fitness. (It suited the cop role aptly). Coming to the character traits, Krishna Dev speaks sarcastically. You are going to see a new Sesh in the climax. The third part's hero will also be revealed.

'HIT 2' is ideally watched without an interval. But the curse of Indian cinema is that there has to be an interval. This film shouldn't be judged in a fragmented way; you shouldn't see it as two separate halves but as one whole!

'Major' was a huge emotional responsibility. It was more stressful because I had many responsibilities. 'HIT 2' is different. Compared to 'Major', this one was like a vacation.

I am an optimistic person by default. I am someone who wants Good to win over Evil. I can't watch horror movies. I haven't watched 'Breaking Bad'. 'HIT 2' may be a dark film but it's about hope. The teaser of 'HIT 2' cites a sloka from Manusmriti about worshipping women. We have sensitively dealt with the theme of 'HIT 2'. There is no attempt at a glorification of gore in the movie.

This is the first time that I have got two movie releases in a year. 'HIT 2' is going to be dubbed in Hindi with proper logistics in place. We are planning to release it on December 30 (it's a tentative date). It is going to be marketed like a genuine Hindi movie. We will be promoting it in cities like Mumbai. There are plans to release the movie in Kannada as well.

There is a single question in 'HIT 2' that drives the story. It opens up multiple layers. That's what I liked the most about the movie.

I did a film like 'Major' to try a new genre. It had no twists. The first 45 minutes were like a family movie. I am doing a remake of an Academy Award-winning movie. One of my friends is going to wield the megaphone. I will be doing a completely rough character in it.

The base story of 'Goodachari 2' is already ready. The story and screenplay are yet to be completed.

'Kshanam' is the film that fetched me more respect among the Hindi audience. They like 'Goodachari' as well. When I started doing thrillers back in 2016, the genre itself was considered risky.

I am open to playing negative roles if my character is the central force. I don't analyze too much. If I believe the audience are going to enjoy a movie, I do it. As for on-screen romance, I didn't have a heroine in 'Evaru'. 'Kshanam' had no steamy scenes.

I am happy to be collaborating with actors I have always admired. I remember watching 'Murari' by travelling hundreds of kilometers in the US. 'Hello Brother' is my all-time favourite comedy. 

Updated on December 1, 2022