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My role in 'Ravanasura' will surely surprise you: Daksha Nagarkar


Daksha Nagarkar was famously seen in the song 'Entha Sakkagundiro' on the Sankranthi hit 'Bangarraju' in 2022. The 'Zombie Reddy' and 'Husharu' actress will next be seen in Ravi Teja's 'Ravanasura', which hits the cinemas on April 7. In this interview, the budding actress talks about her 7-year-old journey in the film industry. She started out early when she was in high school. She was all of 19 when she had her first BO hit, 'Husharu'. Daksha sees acting as a physically exerting profession.

I am based in Delhi when I am not shooting for movies. I was 15 when I did my first movie, 'Hora Hori'. I was picked randomly by its director when he spotted me at a junior pageant. I come from an academically serious family. 'Husharu' had me in a bubbly role. 'Zombie Reddy' was unique in that it was a zombie comedy. I took time to test the waters and to figure out where I wanted to do and what I wanted to do. I am not experimenting with my career. I am very open to different roles. I admire the likes of Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt, who can do a wide variety of roles. I completed an acting course recently. Whenever I have time, I hone my skills. Learning is a process. You have to learn every day.

When the producer approached me for 'Ravanasura', he spoke about the film's feel, the look of the movie, the colour palette, and the visual flavour that would be executed. I felt this was a unique movie to be in, especially down South. I have been a big fan of Vishal Bharadwaj (Bollywood director) and the kind of movies that he does. I watched 'Keshava', director Sudheer Varma's previous movie. It is satisfying to be part of a film like 'Ravanasura'. I loved to be part of the film sensing it would be special in terms of story-telling and visual language. The release is going to be on a big scale.

I can't talk about my character in the movie much. People have their own assumptions and I don't want to dilute the suspense! The scope for performance was there and that's what made me take up the project. Story writer Srikanth Vissa's narration also led me to believe that it is a performance-oriented role. As for my screen time, I am afraid I won't be able to talk about it now. I don't know what happened on the edit table. I also can't talk about my combination scenes.

'Ravanasura' is an action-driven crime thriller. My part will surely surprise the audience. I was absolutely excited to work with Sudheer Varma. His narration was detailed along with nuances, shot division, etc. I focused on my performance and didn't bother to know why I was chosen for the role (laughs). I ensured I was well-versed with the scene a day before shooting for it. I was too involved to bother about other casting members, their screen time, etc.

I heard about Ravi Teja sir and how he is called Mass Maharaja. He was always fun-loving on set, and doesn't follow method acting. He is spontaneous, and switches to the role instantly when he is in front of the camera. Sushanth Anumolu has got a nice role and he is one of the highlights of the film. It was a really fun experience to work with him. He is not somebody who is insecure. He and Ravi Teja sir give their colleagues their space. They understand the nuances of acting and let their co-stars come to life on screen. They know how to make body language and all more appealing.

I have visited Hyderabad quite a few times for exhibitions, NGO events, etc. I am a social rights activist. I have been invited to support charity events, and for the inaugural of stores, etc.

I want to do all sorts of roles, including those that involve dancing. I want to act with everybody. I personally admire Jr NTR because of his command of the language, dialogue delivery, and body language.

The story is the hero. I pick roles going by my gut. I am doing a Telugu project. There is another film that is coming up later this year.

I have noticed gossip columns written about me. I am too occupied with my work to give them any importance. I have blocked them out of my mind.

Updated on March 20, 2023