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'Gangs of Godavari' is a character-driven mass entertainer: Anjali


'Gangs of Godavari' will hit the cinemas on May 31. The action drama features Vishwak Sen as a gangster named Lankala Ratna. Anjali will be seen in a leading role named Ratnamala in this Krishna Chaitanya directorial produced by S Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya. In this interview, the 'Geethanjali Malli Vacchindi' actress shares some interesting insights about the film and her character in it.

My character has been designed refreshingly. I have so far been known to play relatively mild and calm characters. In 'GoG', I played an aggressive character who doesn't mind using cuss words. From the Trailer, you would have deduced about 20% of my character. The director believed that I had it in him to pull off the role. I don't know where his confidence stemmed from. Sweet, calm, girl-next-door roles did bore me. So, doing 'GoG' was a new kind of experience. The way she speaks and the way she behaves, her bonding with Vishwak Sen's character, the 1980s backdrop - everything about the film excited me. This is a mass movie that entertains thoroughly.

Ratnamala is so peculiar that she will be remembered by the audience as a leading character. Looks wise and characterization wise, she is rough and loud. The first two days of shooting were a bit unsettling. Once I got used to the character, I was comfortable. The Godavari dialect came to me by birth. In 'GoG', the dialect my character speaks is hyper-local. I don't use such language in real life. I was receptive to the character the way it was designed. I am as loud as Vishwak's character in the movie. As such, the chemistry came along well. He is absolutely good in both close-up shots and otherwise. He is a very comfortable co-star to work with. He has been a friend. I didn't face any issues with any kind of scene, given my personal rapport with him.

Ratnamala is a complex character who is grey and layered. She gives it back to others. She is a strong-willed woman. She reacts instantly, and speaks her mind. This is not a 'one hero, two heroines' movie. It's character-driven. The drama takes place between a handful of prominent characters. I go by what the character demands.

Director Chaitanya has executed what was in his mind quite effectively. That in itself is a big deal. Sithara Entertainments has been on a movie-making spree. Its films get so much attention from everyone. The banner is always right on the money and it has added great value to 'GoG'. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music and RR are going to be great assets. Incidentally, most of the best songs in my career have been composed by him!

The set of 'GoG' was always cheery and loud. I am the kind of person who tries to gel with my fellow artists in between shots. Discussions regarding the second part of 'GoG' are still ongoing.

Nothing about my character has been revealed by the makers of Ram Charan's 'Game Changer' so far. Please don't make any assumptions about my character. Mine is a lead role in it. We are not allowed to talk about the film without the approval of the director and the producers. I am excited about 'Game Changer', which is going to fetch me good name for sure.

Marriage rumours have always been there around me. My family members sometimes get puzzled. I express my cluelessness over such baseless rumours. I am of course going to get married but not now. My hands are full. I am busy with back-to-back movies. I will get married only if I am ready for it and can give my 100%. I will continue to act after my marriage.

I was fortunate to land a film like 'SVSC' in the initial stages of my career. It took time for me to solidify my position. I am now trying to maintain that position. Horizons have widened these days for actors. Films have started to be character-based. The characters are speaking for the film. I am doing films in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam as well.

Updated on May 26, 2024