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Venkatesh talks about "Enadu"


Sincere and disciplined actor, Venkatesh, who turned his sir name as ‘Victory’ with continuous successes for the first time in his career is coming up with a multi-starrer film in which he played the role of police commissioner. Yes! The film ‘Eenadu’ starring Kamal Haasan and Venkatesh is a remake of critically acclaimed Hindi film ‘A Wednesday’. Venky, who believes that this new experimental film that is going to release on September 18 will be a trend setter for the present generation, shares his views with the media personnel. Here are some excerpts.

Do you think a film like 'Eenadu' will work in Telugu film industry?
'Eenadu' is a new dimensional film with commercial format. If this movie is well received by the people then it will pave way to many new conceptual films. This movie will be a new trend setter in Telugu film industry and this is one film that gave me complete satisfaction in my entire film career.

You are portraying the same character played by Anupam Kher in 'A Wednesday'. Right!
Yes.  It's the same character but there is a slight variation in it. In 'A Wednesday', Anupam Kher was seen as an aged person while mine is a young man's role.

Then can you give us some idea about your character in ‘Eenadu’?
Today, we are living a dangerous life. We are in such a state that we do not know what happens when and where. We also do no know how the minds people around us work. In that situation every minute, one has to live with fear. During the period how a young police commissioner reacts to the situation and how he handles it is all about my character.

What impressed you to sign ‘Eenadu’?
Of course, initially I was reluctant to do this movie because I wanted to do both versions – Telugu and Tamil but Kamal approached me for the role only in Telugu version and said that Mohan Lal will be doing the Tamil version.  He also kept telling me much before we planned to do ‘Marmayogi’ that I should now stop doing the same formula films instead try something new.  He also convinced me by saying that ‘Eenadu’ will inspire other actors to follow our method.  So it is Kamal who gave lot of boost in me to do this film.

You are a big star in Telugu film industry.  But this is the first time you have portrayed a role in supporting character.  Don't you think that you are taking a chance by doing so?
My role in 'Eenadu' might be a short one but, it is an interesting role to perform. The credit goes to Kamal Haasan who convinced me for that role. There is complete satisfaction in playing such realistic characters rather than doing roles that are larger than life.  If such movies are well received by the people, then it will boost us to come up with more such films.

Since you did 'Eenadu', now can we expect more multi-starrer movies from you?
Yeah! I will definitely continue to do if the response for 'Eenadu' is good. The audience will definitely like multi-starrer movies provided the publicity is in a right manner. Actually the directors and story writers should come up with good scripts to do multi starrer films and I consider it to be a healthy thinking. Isn’t it fantastic to watch a multi-starrer Hindi film like 'Karma' or the Hollywood flick 'Oceans Eleven'.

Can you share your working experience with Kamal Haasan?
Kamal is an incomparable actor in whole of India because he did such great films and great characters. I felt very bad when 'Marmayogi' got shelved. I never thought that I would be working with him in such a short span of time. But still, in 'Eenadu' we both did not share even a single screen. We do have plans to do one more film which is a bilingual one. Will let you know the details when the time comes.

You must have watched many Kamal’s films till now.  Which is your most favourite film?
It is very difficult to choose a single movie as favourite as there are plenty of them.  I like all films in Kamal and Balachander’s combination and also films like Swathi Muthyam, Sagara Sanghamam, Nayakudu and the list goes on.

Your experience with director Chakri Toleti.
It’s was different experience working with him.  He is very spontaneous on the sets and sincere in his work. The entire movie was taken with a Red Camera.

How is the progress of your current film 'Namo Venkatesa'?
We did the 1st schedule of shooting in Australia and Iceland and completed. It is nice romantic entertainer and I portray a typical character that is blend with innocence and comedy. Sreenu Vytla is shaping up this movie very well. The next schedule will begin from September 11 and the film would be released for Sankranthi.

Any suggestions for young heroes?
When I see the films of younger generation, that is heroes and directors as well, I get a feel that by fine tuning themselves they can come up with great films at international level.  They have the talent but it should be used in an appropriate manner.

Your opinion on Naga Chaitanya's performance in 'Josh'.
He proved his potential in his very first film. No doubt, he will become a big star if he is sincere in his work.

What are your forth coming projects?
My next film will be in Amma Rajasekhar's direction. It is titled as ‘Ganga’. It is a family drama with action backdrop. The movie launch will take place in November.

Do you have any plans to cross the borders?
Yes, I do have plans to do multi starrer films in Bollywood. Recently a producer offered me a police officer role in a Hindi movie. I am keeping my fingers cross as the script work is still under progress.

Updated on April 25, 2020