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Venkatesh Interview on Babu Bangaram


It has been a glorious 30 years in Telugu cinema for Venkatesh and he can’t thank enough. The actor talks about his upcoming film Babu Bangaram, his life and his son... Over to Venkatesh...

Babu Bangaram...what is unique about your role?
I play a funny cop who is loaded with pity. A quality that has come from the character’s father. It is entertaining and I am sure that family audiences will love it.

Generally cop characters are like that. Soft initially and get violent as the story progresses?
I don’t know about that. But here it is different. May be there have been movies like this before, but Maruthi’s treatment has made a lot of difference.

Weren’t you supposed to work with Maruthi earlier?
Yes, we were to work in a film called Radha, but that got canceled. Then he came up with this story. I have loved the way this film has come up.

Maruthi is popular for double meaning dialogues...
What he has done with his earlier films in not my concern. I liked this script and I did this film.

It was Maruthi’s idea. As a youngster Maruthi has seen this film several times. So he included this. The current generation has not seen Bobbili Raja and they seem to have taken a liking for it.

Nayanatara isn’t promoting the film?
She was clear about it and told us that she will not be promoting the film. Nayanatara is a professional actor and is clear about this.

We have been seeing you many remakes. Suddenly a straight film....
There is no planing here. I go with the flow. Sometimes I think I should slow down. But now I am thinking of flour films. It just happens. Maybe it depends on him (points to Ramana Maharshi's portrait). I don’t plan anything for myself or my kids.

Tell us about Arjun....any plans about him?
My father never forced me to become an actor. That is how I am bringing him up. Arjun can become what he wants. I think he will rather have his own footsteps than following mine. I want him to think like that.

30 years in the industry. How does that feel?
Its a mixed bag of feelings. I discovered myself and I am glad that I did so many films. I don’t think that I am a big star. Senior star yes, but not a big star. I do my job go home and sit alone and reflect. Self introspect is important. People these days are comparing themselves that’s why they are sad. We should read good books. Bhagavad Gita is a good book. One must read it.

Updated on April 21, 2020