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HIT Movie Review

February 28, 2020
Wall Poster Cinema
Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Bhanu Chander, Murali Sharma, Bramhaji, Hari Teja, Naveena Reddy, Srinath Maganti, Chaitanya Sagiraju
Dr. Sailesh Kolanu
Garry BH
Avinash Kolla
Anil & Bhanu
Vamsi Kaka
S Venkatarathnam
Vivek Sagar
Prashanthi Tipirneni
Dr. Sailesh Kolanu

After the critically acclaimed 'AWE', 'Natual Star' Nani and Prashanthi Tripirneni have now produced the movie, 'HIT'. Starring Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma in the leads, this movie has hit the screens today. Will the movie turn out to be a 'hit' at the box-office? Read our review. 


Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is a police officer suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of which he experiences panic attacks often. His girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) works in forensic department. While the cops are investigating the missing case of a girl named Preethi, Neha also goes missing. Vikram takes up both the cases and during the course of the investigation, he finds out some shocking facts.


Viswak Sen surprises with his performance. He is excellent in a role that requires him to show his acting skills. Ruhani Sharma does a good job. Murali Sharma gets an important role and needless to say, the versatile actor does complete justice. Hari Teja and others are good. 

Technical aspects

The production values are excellent. The screenplay is engaging. The background score is electrifying and makes this thriller exciting to watch.

Plus Points

Suspense factor
Background score

Minus Points

Wafer-thin story line
Climax twist not so exciting


'HIT' is an engagingly narrated movie. Though the story line is wafer-thin, the screenplay and the electrifying background score make it intriguing. The suspense factor is maintained well and the film doesn't bore the audiences. But the big reveal at the end may not excite the audiences much.

All in all, 'HIT' is a fairly engrossing thriller with a paper-thin story.

Rating: 2.75/5