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Parannajeevi Movie Review

July 25, 2020
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Shakalaka Shankar, Mahesh Kathi, Laxman Meesala
Dr. Nutan Naidu

'Parannajeevi' is premiering on Shreyas ET with a per-view ticket price of Rs 100.  Conceived and directed by Dr. Nutan Naidu, a serious fanboy of the Pawan Kalyan-Chiranjeevi duo, it targets Ram Gopal Varma without taking his name. 


Radha Gopal Varma (Shakalaka Shankar) is a filmmaker who tricks aspiring actresses into sleeping with him and producers into trusting him with their monies.  Sekhar (Mahesh Kathi), a film producer, naively collaborates with him for a movie.  While RGV has got not storyline in his mind, he ropes in a newcomer as the film's heroine and starts seeking sexual favours from her.  There comes a point when RGV falls in trouble because of his behaviour.  Why is he in a soup?  What lesson does he learn in the end?  That's what the climax is about.


Shakalaka Shankar has been good at imitating Ram Gopal Varma, but it seems he is bored of doing it again and again.  Whether it is his fault or the director's, the imitation somehow doesn't make the cut here.  Mahesh Kathi needs to start being less camera-conscious.  Laxman Meesala of 'Rx 100' fame is forgettable. 

Technical aspects

There is nothing home to write about the hurriedly done background music.  It sounds like a patch on the kind of BGM we get to see in second-rate short films.  The cinematography is lousy.

Plus Points

Since there were sub-zero expectations from 'Parannajeevi', it's a bit surprising that writer-director Nutan Naidu did make an attempt to at least lend it a line.  The idea of gaming RGV with a "screenplay" just like what he "does" with his films, sounds okayish on paper.

Minus Points

The film's propagandist tone is a demerit.  It takes for granted the audience's intelligence and propagates the myth that RGV is a perpetrator of the sexual exploitation of women in the film industry.  This is an unproven charge that the film lays at the doorstep of RGV.  
Besides showing RGV as a predator, the film projects him as an unprofessional maker who takes his producer's monies for granted.  Has any producer ever made such an accusation against the 'Satya' and 'Shiva' director in real life?
The final leg has a Pawan Kalyan 'bhajana mandali geetham', showing the visuals of the Jana Sena chief's huge political rallies.  Considering that these rallies didn't translate into votes, why even project them as a sign of Pawan's political strength and risk ridicule? 


Although there is a conspiracy theory that the web-film is RGV's Trojan Horse to promote 'Power Star', it doesn't seem to be the case.  Not only is the director a genuine fan of Pawan Kalyan (something he made evident with his post-Bigg Boss interviews), the content of 'Parannajeevi' leaves nothing in doubt about his intentions.  
At 43 minutes, the film's single-minded focus rests on tarnishing the image of RGV as an evil man who has forced many women to have sex with him.  Ironically and without a sense of shame, it accuses RGV of trying to tarnish Pawan's image.

Rating: 2/5