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Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu Movie Review - We prefer 'chemical food', Sir!

March 3, 2023
Ammu Creations
Rajendra Prasad, Sohel Ryan, Ananya, Khushbu, Ali, Sunil, Varun Sandesh, Rashmi, Hema, Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra, Viva Harsha, Praveen, Surya, Jabardast Raghava
S V Krishna Reddy
C Ram Prasad
Prawin Pudi
A S Prakash
Chandra Bose, Bhaskarabtla Ravi Kumar & Anantha Sriram
Manisha Prasad
Suresh Kondeti
K Uday Bhaskar
K Kalyan, V Rathna, Prabhakar & Surupu Eeshwar
Dr. K Sankalp
S V Krishna Reddy
Koneru Kalpana
S V Krishna Reddy

'Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu' was released in theatres today. It is produced by Koneru Kalpana on Kalpana Chitra in association with Ammu Creations.


Vijay (Sohel) is a failed filmmaker. His father (Surya) is thoroughly disappointed that he has bankrupted two producers by making two consecutive duds. Vijay takes to selling Kondapalli idols on behalf of his father and mother (Hema). This is when he crosses paths with Hasini (Mirinalini Ravi), the pampered daughter of a rich businessman named Venkata Ramana (Rajendra Prasad). What happens when Venkata Ramana comes to know of his daughter's love affair with Vijay? How will Vijay walk the tightrope after Hasini's father rejects their marital alliance? Can Vijay ever redeem himself?


When you are watching the comeback film of a respected filmmaker, you have to be more than just an audience member. You have to become a commentator. How do directors, who are well past their prime, think today? Do they have an understanding of the mindsets of today's generation? It is not just about the tastes of the cinemagoer. It is about having a clue about the spirit of today's times. SV Krishna Reddy, who made some of the most lovable movies of the 1990s, believes that youths today would like to watch a good-for-nothing male lead who happens to get lucky because a rich girl falls in love with his innocence and supposed charms!

When Ravali's character loved an unemployed and unemployable loafer in 'Vinodham', we were entertained. When JD Chakravarthy's character in 'Premaku Velayera' saved manufacturers by doling out instant solutions at his consultancy, the oversimplification worked somehow. Today, we are living in more aware times. So, when Sohel's character in 'Organic Mama..' sells his silly salesman ideas to a star hotel in a snap, it is embarrassing to watch.

Rajendra Prasad, a health-conscious millionaire who manufactures organic foods, can't find a single suitable match for his daughter. He finds a rich man who turns out to be a petty thief. Later, he finds another joker. This is a done-to-death trope in our movies. If the hero is jobless or poor, the heroine's father finds for his daughter men who are worse than the hero. In real life, the father would just log on to Bharat Matrimony and find a villa-owing millionaire in no time.

Meena makes a comeback in the role of a wife who transforms her status-conscious husband's mind in a jiffy. The tragedy is that this game-changing monologue comes only in the pre-climax. Wonder what such wives do the rest of the time.

Just about 15 minutes of the story remain after the interval. The interval scene is where the film is practically over. The director knew it and therefore, he force-fits a comedy track involving the male lead, Ajay Ghosh (as a real estate scamster), Praveen and others. Even Sunil, who plays a naive film producer, was there just to prolong the proceedings. Varun Sandesh and Rashmi Gautam are seen in extended cameos.

Musically, the film smartly rehashes old songs. The cinematography is low-end.

Closing Remarks

Director SV Krishna Reddy's comeback movie is a thorough disappointment. It is clueless about today's trends.

Critic's Rating