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Global Grace Health & Grace Cancer Foundation, donate 25 Oxygen Concentrators


Vijayawada, June 24th, 2021: Global Grace Health (GGH), USA, along with Grace Cancer Foundation (GCF), Hyderabad, have embarked on the noble ‘Mission O2 and Beyond’ to mitigate the immense suffering of the poor and downtrodden the unprecedented surge in Covid 19, has brought in the state of Andhra Pradesh. As part of the initiative, Grace Cancer Foundation has donated 25 Oxygen Concentrators and 25,000 N95 masks to the Government Hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. The donation was handed over to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy by Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli, CEO, Grace Cancer Foundation, Dr. Joseph Paturi, President, Global Grace Health, USA; Dr. Joshua Daniel, Director, Grace Cancer Foundation & YSR Global Foundation, Dr. P. Gowtham Reddy, Chairman, APSFL; Dr Salima, Health Specialist, UNICEF; and Mr. Praveen Ummadi, Program Collaborator, Grace Cancer Foundation; Mr Amjad Pasha, Deputy CM; Mr Prosum Sen, PR Head, UNICEF; at the Chief Ministers Camp Office at Vijayawada, today. Mr. Joshua Daniel facilitated, Government of Andhra Pradesh to secure 240 O2 Concentrators as a donation from UNICEF.

These Oxygen Concentrators and Masks bridge the immediate shortage of medical essentials in the state and will be installed in Government Hospitals across the state.

“We at Grace Cancer Foundation, India and Global Grace Health, USA; were deeply perturbed with the misery brought about by the second wave of Covid 19. The impact was so intense that there was virtually no family which wasn’t affected. The massive shortage of drugs and medical equipment to meet the sudden surge moved us to act and provide the much-needed solace. We pooled our resources in India and abroad, including approaching International Aid Agencies. Our efforts bore fruit and are contributing our bit to lessen the sufferings of the populace,” says Dr. Chinnababu Sunkavalli.

About Global Grace Health

Global Grace Health is a non-profit organization. It is through giving and serving that we truly get. We always believed that where there is a vision, there will be a provision. Firstly, this vision was grasped by a few passionate doctors and humanitarians. We quickly became a team and ran with the vision. We aim to provide CARE and COMPASSION with COMMITMENT in reaching the unreached. We aim at fighting for needy, and illuminating people's lives with hope, compassion and empathy.

We began as small group of friends coming together to walk the extra-mile beyond their call of duty has evolved into a great team working in perfect harmony.

About Grace Cancer Foundation

We are the only charity organization that works across every aspect of cancer; we help people from prevention to early diagnosis through to treatment and beyond. Grace Cancer Foundation is founded with the vision to alleviate cancer burden through Education, Early detection, Treatment, Rehabilitation and cutting-edge Research for the needy. We aim to provide CURE, CARE and COMPASSION and COMMITMENT to the needy people by holistic approach. We believe that every person on earth, irrespective of their Social and Economic status, has equal right to treatment. We intend to create an organization that helps people around the globe in their quest to conquer Cancer. 

Updated on June 24, 2021