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Jathara to release in 2nd week of June

Santosh Parlawar’s ‘Jathara’ which is based on the reincarnation is all set to release in the 2nd week of June. Besides directing the film, Santosh Parlawar also played the male lead role and produced the film. A fresh face Sindhu played the female lead role.

The theme of the film is that Death is a part of life and is built into every living organism. But for the human being death is a separation of the soul from the body. The soul does not perish, but is separated from the body, because the body can do nothing without the soul, but the soul can do many and great things without the body. In this line the film ‘Jathara’ is the story of two lovers who meet in their rebirth in Jathara festival and the fresh story begins from then onwards.

Shyamala is producing ‘Jathara’ with music by Sri Venkat and camera by Anand Rao D.