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Will Kaali be the next title for Pawan’s film?

Pawan Kalyan’s ongoing flick which is being directed by Vishnuvardhan is now on promotion mode. Wantedly or unknowingly a speculation on the title is fetching certain mileage to the film. Well! The point is that the movie has been all along filmed under the title ‘Shadow’ but the title being very light has not received proper support from the fans and hence there is think tank and work to change the title. Since the movie is based on Kolkata background anybody and everybody who knows something about Kolkata will always remember rasagulla and Kali Matha. Since rasagulla will not fit in the title it is ‘Kaali’ that has been seriously thought about.

As the name ‘Kaali’ has come to their mind there are attempts to match it with the situation. One version is that the name ‘Kaali’ will give macro effect to the image of Pawan Kalyan and second is that the same name in the past created wonders in the lives of Chiranjeevi and Rajnikanth. While the industry is busy with this title, the producer Yarlagadda Srinivas silently tweeted denying finalization of any title. Incidentally the major part of the film is expected to get completed by June 26th. Until then we can only keep guessing. Good publicity indeed!