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Gouravam trailer launched

Allu Sirish’s debut film ‘Gouravam’ with Yami Gautham as his costar is being directed by Radha Mohan and produced by Prakash Raj on Prakash Raj Productions banner. SS Thaman scores the music. The trailer launch took place on the auspicious day of Ugadi. Ram Charan graced the function and released the trailer. Other prominent guests were Allu Aravind, Dil Raju, Allu Sirish, Yami Gautham, Chinni Krishna, BVS Ravi, Radha Mohan, Bandla Ganesh, etc.

Chinni Krishna said, “Charan is my dream hero. 3 out of 5 stories that I’ve penned so far are family oriented ones. They are ‘Indra’, ‘Gangotri’ and ‘Badrinath’. I remained calm for five minuted when I was narrated ‘Gouravam’ story. It’s a fantastic movie with outer conflict. Such movies used to be made by T Krishna right from ‘Pratighatana’. Later Shankar started directing films of that genre. All films right from ‘Gentleman’ except ‘Boys’ are of the same genre. This film too belongs to outer conflict.”

Radha Mohan said, “I thank Dil Raju and Nagarjuna garu for introducing me to the Telugu industry. I also thank Prakash Raj garu for introducing them to me. Allu Aravind garu gave us good support. We did a film with fine young talent. Every shot was canned separately in Telugu and Tamil. Sirish did a wonderful job despite being a debut hero. He is fluent in both the languages and our heroine doesn’t know both.”

Dil Raju said, “This is Prakash Raj’s first production venture in Telugu. But he did many in Tamil. This is the sixth film in the combination of Radha Mohan and Pakash Raj. Radha Mohan did ‘Aakasamantha’ and ‘Gaganam’ on our banner. This is his 3rd film in Telugu. Sentiment and entertainment are the main elements in Radha Mohan’s films. I have been seeing Sirish right from the time of ‘Arya’. However he went Mumbai and returned as an hero. Allu Aravind could have launched his son in an extraordinary manner. But his aim is to introduce him with a different cinema.”

Allu Aravind said, “My three sons are three different varieties. While my elder son is a software engineer, second son is Bunny and third is Sirish. While Sirish is capable to take his own decision, Chiranjeevi and I decided the script before launching Bunny as hero. Radha Mohan won my heart with his film ‘Aakasamantha’. Prakash Raj honored the mega family by making this film.”

Ram Charan said, “We thought that Sirish will lead Geeta Arts banner. He phoned me one day, came home and went away without any discussion. The next day he told about this project when dad and I met him. Like Aravind uncle to my dad, Sirish is to me. He thinks each and everything deeply and educates me. He is an intense fellow. I wish ‘Gouravam’ to become a big film for Sirish, Yami Gautham, Radha Mohan and Prakash Raj as well.”

“Gouravam is a very important film for me. Radha Mohan made my job easy. The film is a mix of good hero, good producer and good director”, commented Yami Gautham.

Allu Sirish said, “Everyone though I would produce films along with daddy. I was the co-producer for the film ‘Ghajini’. I’m associated with all those who work with my brother. I learnt through Bunny and Charan how difficult it is to remain stable as a hero. It’s not an easy task to to impress the audience. With the encouragement given by my friends, I did an acting course for about 1 ½ year. So I requested Radha Mohan garu to narrate a good story to me. Many have asked me why I choose this story for my debut. I was completely involved in the script when Radha Mohan was narrating the story to me. There is no hero introduction scene in this film. The character starts like a general person and gradually turns into a hero in the second half. It’s not a message oriented film. The story will reflect the the incidents occurring in today’s society. I never knew about the caste as long as I lived in Chennai while it showed lot of impact on me in Hyderabad. My character goes to a village searching for his friend. Every village and house is aware of this story. There is romance and at the same time fights. We are releasing the film on 19th April. I hope the audience and industry will accept me.