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NRI coming to theaters on April 19th


Telugu movie ‘NRI’, which was scheduled for release on April 12th, will now hit theaters on 19th. Director cum producer Raghunandan Gudur confirmed it in a statement to the media. This Rohith Kalia and Sravya Reddy starrer ‘NRI’ being made on Aries Productions banner with a tagline ‘No Return to India’ and a message to audience. Ahuti Prasad, Hema, Siva Reddy, Fish Venkat Gundu Hanumantha Rao, etc., are playing the supporting roles. Smt Padmasri Srinivas penned the lyrics. The film was made with mix elements like love, entertainment and sentiment. Music also plays a vital role in the film. “‘NRI’ is sure to earn me a good name as a director and good profits as producer”, said director cum producer Raghunandan Gudur.