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Coffee With My Wife Audio on 22nd

‘Coffee With My Wife’ is director Madan’s production venture under the creation of director Vidya Sagar. The film stars Aneesh Tejeshwar and Sindhu Lokhnath as lead pair. Shooting part has been completed and the audio is planned for April 22nd release. According to producer Madan, there are altogether 5 songs in the film out of which two were already canned in Singapore. The movie is planned for May release. Vishwa Devabattula handles the camera, ‘Mantra’ Anand composed music, lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad and Baladitya, sets by art diector Nagendra, editing by Srinivas and story, dialogues & production by Madan (‘Aa Naluguru’ writer and ‘Pellaina Kothallo’ director).