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Manasa Thullipadake in theaters in July

Choreographer Suji, known for his works in films like ‘Mounamelanoyi’, ‘Lagna Patrika’, ‘Ghatotkacha’ and ‘Sheshu’ for the first time is directing and producing a film titled ‘Manasa Thullipadake’ introducing Anuraj and Kajal Yadav as lead pair on his banner Virinchi Academy.

Briefing the film’s details he said, “I started the film in March and shot the film in beautiful locations in Paalakollu, Tuni, Yaanam and Hyderabad. The entire shooting was completed in single schedule. It’s a love story of a city boy and a village girl shown in a different angle. The movie will definitely reach the audience expectations. Right now post production work is going on. We will release the audio in the month end and release the film in July.”

Cast: Nalini, Chalapathi Rao, Annapurnamma, Chinna, Kadambari Kiran, etc.

Camera: T Paramdam; Editing: V Nagireddy; Story & music: P Naresh; Co-director: A Naresh Kumar; Screenplay, production and direction: M Suji.