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Laddu Babu trailer reveals its concept

We are all familiar with wide range of Allari Naresh’s variety comedy films right from his debut movie ‘Allari’ in 2002 to the recent ‘Kevvu Keka’. The actor did several roles (both comedy and serious) in his acting career, but ‘Laddu Babu’ will definitely be a stand out movie so far in his 11 years of film journey.

The ‘Allari’ combination (Naresh & Ravi Babu) joined hands exactly after a decade to come out with yet another different conceptual film. In this film ‘Laddu Babu’, Naresh played the most challenging role as the biggest fat guy. How he attempts to fall in love for the marriage is portrayed by the director in a hilarious manner. It’s learnt that it almost takes 4 hours to wear this make-up and 2 hours to remove it. Thus Naresh is spending 6 hours per day only for his make-up alone.

The first look poster already got tremendous response from the movie buffs. Now the first trailer also out and the movie buffs are getting the clear picture of the basic concept of the film. Poorna of Ravi Babu’s ‘Avunu’ heroine, is playing the female lead of the film. This is also her second movie opposite Allari Naresh after ‘Seema Tapakaay’. Bhoomika, who earlier worked with Ravi Babu in thriller movies like ‘Anasuya’ and ‘Amaravathi’ is playing a key role along with Kota Srinivas Rao in this film. With music by Chakri, Rajendra Tripuraneni is handling the production part.