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Naresh and Aamani's Love Story


“Time stands still for those in love”. 1972, Saritha is 18 and Mohan is 20. They are in love and want to get married. But, times were different back then. Sarithas’ parents are enraged by learning her love story with Mohan. They blatantly say, “no” to their relationship and contain her from seeing Mohan like every other parent back in 1972. Though Mohans’ Parents are wealthy, educated and understanding, there isn’t much they could do to salvage their son’s love story and hence are helpless. Saritha fights back for Mohan but only to give up to the emotional black mail of her parents. Dejected and with no hope, Mohan leaves the country and migrates to the United States of America. Having succumbed to the likes of her parents, Saritha is forced to get married almost instantly.

40 years later, 2012, Mohan arrives in India. The first thing you would do when you go back to the place of your lost love is to find where she is and that’s exactly what Mohan does. He arrives at Saritha’s house in a Mini Cooper Convertible and makes a grand entrance to show off. But, he observes that her house is filled with people and the atmosphere is quite Somber. Upon closer look at a picture with a garland, he is left speechless…. and our story begins.

This is the story that deals with the unthinkable, defying every rule that there is in the book of Indian culture. Everyone always talks about cultural values and values of the society, but what about human values? Do they even mean something? Breaking free from the bonds of the society just to be happy and free seems to be the toughest task, especially in Indian culture. This is a story that will connect to every soul above the age of 40 and only few blessed souls below that age. Not everyone would be comfortable talking about this. But, that’s alright. Everyone has a perspective and no two perspectives are alike.

With 42 years of Film Industry experience and umpteen numbers of films under his belt, senior Naresh never looked the way he did in Chandamama Kathalu. If you think you saw everything Senior Naresh could perform, you are in for a surprise. In order to become Mohan, he became an American, in the way he looked, he walked, his mannerisms. Amani is known as one of the most natural actors of our time and she showcased the same ease in becoming Saritha.

Dubbing of the film is complete and is in the final stages of completing sound effects. Theatrical Trailer of the film is set to release on the 31st of Jan.